Friday, February 26, 2010

Fishing Podcasts

A good way to fish when you can't go fishing is to listen to fishing podcasts on an iPod or other MP3 player. These can be downloaded and heard free using iTunes or other software that manages MP3 files - or they can be listened to on a computer. I carry the little Zen when I tie flies at home, or while I'm out driving in the car.
Two of my favorite fishing podcasts are located at The Itinerant Angler Podcasts and Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio. If you have an iPod or an MP3 player, give these a listen. If you like flyfishing, you will have a pleasant surprise.
I recently downloaded very informative interview with Denny Rickards on Fly Fishing for Trophy Trout in Stillwaters from the Askaboutflyfishing site. I've been flyfishing for over 30 years and I still learned from this interview. If you're beyond the beginner level this one is worth a listen.

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