Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Time to replace my fishing camera

Big lenses are heavy, and gear selection can lead to reduction of mobility in angling when you know you should move, it seems just too much trouble so you stay where you shouldn't be.
Also you have to decide ..are you taking photos for a magazine cover?
Or for personal use with the possibliity of publishing sometime?
Or just for personal use?

With that in mind a couple of years ago I changed from a Pentax SLR I had used happily for over ten years, "down" to a compact.
I got a high zoom lens compact to reduce the possible loss.

Now later looking back I think I did the right thing. It has been an easy to pack and carry item of tackle ever since.
And the photos while slightly less sparkling as the SLR are taken in numbers and of adequate quality.
Now it's getting old, and I'm looking at new cameras once again.

Am I looking at DSLRs? Sure. They have all the features I desire, but not the size, weight, durability or price tag.
What am I going to buy? Another digital compact. That's what.
I want a good compact (again) that comes closest to the SLR I would carry if I was not already carrying tons of angling equipment.

And there is a very interesting word that I keep thinking of ..... WATERPROOF!

So for me right now it's a little debate between the Olympus 850 SW or Olympus 1030 SW or Pentax Optio W60 ... all of them waterproof.

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