Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fishing can detox your life

There are some things that if you don't do them, you don't miss them and feel a loss.

Fishing or angling is one of these things. Not the only one. Most hobbies or activities have an addictive aspect to them. Not a bad or harmful addiction of course. I am referring to the factor which is "the longer it is since you got out and participated in the activity ... the less you realise how good you felt afterwards". the result is that if you went fishing recently, you are really hoping to get out again as soon as possible, to "recharge your batteries" and rekindle your desire with fresh experiences of this fine activity.

Angling has a dicipline of going away from your home and work place to a more natural surroundings, to do that funny combination of hunting and trapping that is angling. This is a good dicipline, and it takes you to good places.

Angling is not for everybody ... but everybody should try it once or twice just to see.

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